Developing cities and states face immense challenges and disruptions. In the midst of these uncertainties, the International Seminar on Global and Local Innovation for Sustainable Development has emerged to gather academicians, professionals and colleagues across a variety of disciplines to collaborate and embrace the future. Delegates from diverse corners of the globe are welcome to explore and participate in the seminar.

The event's inaugural session will resonate with impactful keynote speakers, setting the stage for insightful intellectual sessions. Attendees can participate in multiple thematic breakout rooms based on the sub-theme discussed in each room. Workshops and interactive panels will also provide fertile ground for collaborative problem-solving, spotlighting innovative solutions to shared global concerns.

As the abstract selection phase is now open for participants, delegates are invited to prepare their abstract for submission. Delegates and participants can find further information by reaching the committee through email or WhatsApp text for further information and confirmation.

Contact Person: +62-822-2527-4804 (Rio Giovano)